CSR Projects


KOBWA adheres to the principles of corporate governance by supporting local communities through Corporate Social Responsibility projects.  The focus area for KOBWA is water and sanitation.  Improving access to water and sanitation is KOBWA’s effort to contribute to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). KOBWA’s focus aims to promote MDG Goal 7.  Goal number 7 C is; to halve by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation.  

In South Africa, KOBWA has supported the following communities;


Driekoppies: KOBWA supported the Magubha Service Centre with fencing, extension of their hall and with two water tanks for the facility.  The centre benefits the Magubha as they plan and implement their development projects, including a vegetable garden that will be irrigated with water from the donated tanks.


Schuzendal: Zimiseleni Home-Based Care was supported with two water tanks, an ablutions facility and fencing to enhance security of the centre.  The Home-Based Care provides the vulnerable of the area  with at least one nutritious meal per day.  Hence a vegetable garden has just been established and the tanks will also supply irrigated water for the vegetable garden. KOBWA also supported the Bambelani Luncheon Club -facility for the elderly with two water tanks and extended their hall.


(L)An ablutions facility, water-tanks plus fencing for the Zimiseleni Home-Based Care

(C)The Middelplaas Home-Based Care, KOBWA provided a toilet, two water-tanks and fencing for the entire facility

(R,Far R)The Bambelani Luncheon Club Hall and one of the water-stands for the donated water-tanks

Jeppes Reef: The Buyani Primary School at Jeppes Reef- the ablutions facility which was originally pit latrines are now converted to flush toilets. The ten toilets will cater for boys, girls and the educators of the school. KOBWA also supported Sisini Primary School with two water-tanks and also constructed water-borne ablutions for learners and educators. 

(L,C)Ablutions at Buyani Primary School. (R)Water Tanks at Sisini Primary School

At Tinhlonhla High School (Jeppes Reef), KOBWA donated two Water-tanks for the school community.  The tank that is shown in the picture provides water for one block of classrooms.  A second water-tank provides water to the Administration block which includes ablutions and a kitchen.  This project benefits approximately one-thousand six hundred learners (1600), thirty-eight (38) educators and ten (10) support staff.

Tinhlonhla High School

Magogeni: The Zamokuhle Service Centre, a centre for the aged who received two water tanks, a new ablutions facility and constructed a new hall for them.

(L)The Zamokuhle Service Centre before a new one was constructed (C)(R)The ablutions facility which will also be a stand for a water tank



Schoemansdal: Masibambisane Gardens Association grows vegetables and KOBWA supported them by constructing toilets and also by providing them with a water tank.

An ablutions facility plus water tank donated to the Masibambisane Gardens Association




Nature of Project: A Home-Based Care project that is based in Schoemansdal.

Beneficiaries:  Twenty-three (23) orphans and vulnerable individuals benefit from this project

Support Provided: KOBWA bought two water tanks (behind lady in the first picture) The project was also provided with seedlings that were used to run a vegetable garden. The vegetables provided food and nutrition for beneficiaries and the surplus was sold to the community.  Funds that were generated from these sales were used to plant subsequent crops, thus providing food and funds to sustain the project.  



Nature of Project: A project for elderly. They manage a vegetable garden and produce hand-craft. 

Support Provided: KOBWA constructed an ablutions block, a water-tank and seedlings for their vegetable garden which provides food for the elderly. Surplus vegetables are sold to the public and the funds are used to sustain the project.

Mrs. Khumalo watering their vegetable garden (L). (C)A member of the Intfutfuko Yabo Gogo tending to their

Vegetable garden and an ablutions facility that was constructed for the elderly (R).


In Swaziland, Projects include:

Enyakatfo Secondary School

KOBWA supported Enyakatfo secondary school by constructing an ablutions facility, a cistern, donated four ten thousand (10 000) litre water-tanks and installed a tap for the convenience of Learners.  These facilities benefit more than five-hundred learners and ten educators.  Previously, the school community had to depend on water collected from the Komati River, an area that is more than five kilometers away.


 Rosenberg Primary School

KOBWA also donated three (3) ten thousand (10 000) litre water-tanks to Rosenberg Primary School.  The tanks benefit more than six-hundred learners and twelve educators.


Evusweni Primary School

Dr. S.V. Nkambule (KOBWA CEO) and Mr. D. Dlamini inspect the toilets that were constructed for Evusweni Primary School and right, the CEO, Mr. Mncina and Mr. Mdluli from the Regional Education Office (Piggs Peak) after inspecting the school’s new toilets


Mpofu High School

As part of the Emergency Preparedness program, KOBWA installed a fully-equipped weather station at Mpofu High School.  The installations are part of an ongoing project to improve our early-warning capabilities.  Weather stations that are installed within school premises (such as Mpofu High School) result in the reading and provision of data that is read by school educators and learners and also as available teaching aids that benefit learners.

Left, four (4) ten thousand (10000) litre water tanks plus stand that were donated by KOBWA and right, the Mpofu Weather Station.


> The Piggs Peak Royal Swaziland Police Station receive a diving kit from KOBWA.  This was a result of a series of engagements with stakeholders through the Emergency Preparedness program. 


> KOBWA supported the Maguga Clinic with a desktop computer and a printer.  The computer will enhance record-keeping and the administration of the clinic.  In the past, KOBWA has constructed an incinerator and water-tanks for the Clinic.



Driekoppies Dam Swaziland

In Swaziland, the resettlement project implementation is guided by the Lake Matsamo Comprehensive Mitigation plan.  The Lake Matsamo CMP recommended the construction of market stall for the Lake Matsamo communities as compensation for loss of natural resources that came with the construction of Driekoppies Dam.

Left, the Matsamo Market before the implementation of the CMP and right, the market today



Left, the Timphisini Market before the implementation of the CMP and right, the market today.

The KaNdeva foot bridge replaced an old and High-risk footbridge.

The Lake Matsamo Project Committee (LMPC)The LMPC is a committee that facilitates and monitors development projects that are implemented.  The monitoring and implementation is conducted under the supervision of KOBWA.

the LMPC offices


CSR Projects in South Africa




Bukhosibetfu Old Age

Ablutions Facility and a water tank

Zimiseleni Home Based Care

A water tank plus, ablutions facility plus fencing

Mzamo Home Based Care

Water tanks plus an ablutions facility

Schuzendal Home Based Care

An ablutions facility plus fencing

Masibambisane Gardens

A water tank plus an ablutions facility

First Step Pre-School

Installation of Water Tanks.


CSR Projects in Swaziland




Mlumati Primary School

Construction of ablutions facility

Mpofu High School

Water tanks to service ablutions facility, irrigation and kitchen

Fundukuwela High School

Water tanks and construction of ablutions facility

St. Aidans Primary School

Support towards completing ongoing water project

Ekwaliweni Primary School

Installation of water tanks