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    Vision , Mission, Values

    Our Vision

    To be recognised as a leading entity; in sustainable integrated trans-boundary water resource development and management.

    Our Mission

    To achieve the vision through ensuring efficient water harvesting and bulk distribution, management of the environment, ensuring quality water, regulation compliance, socio-economic development, engagements with key stakeholders, optimising our resources and empowering our employees.

    Governance requirements

    Structuring and positioning KOBWA for a new mandate that would include planning and implementation of additional water resource development and management projects in the Party States


    KOBWA's Strategic Objectives

    • Managing the water harvested by the dams in an effective and efficient manner:
    • Phasing out resettlement function and making transition to new in "Risk Managment, Quality and Socio-Economic
    • Effectively liaising with all stakeholders to promote strong relationships, collaboration and coperation;
    • Ensuring sound and effective human resources, financial and administrative management of KOBWA to meet internationally accepted/recognised corporate