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    World Water Day

    KOBWA recognizes and commemorates special international days that relate to her core business. Special days such as the World Water Day present an opportunity for KOBWA to inform the public of her core business. KOBWA’s messages are guided by the slogans that are issued by the United Nations. The Department of Water Affairs and local communities are usually engaged to celebrate World Water Day and emphasis is made on the current theme.

    (above)The Maguga Dam Hydropower Station where a 19.5 Mega Watts hydropower station generates electricity at peak hours.

    The Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) manages the Maguga Dam in Piggs Peak. The purpose of the Dam is to provide irrigation water for farmers who are downstream. Given the fact that water is released in huge volumes, a decision was taken to harness the opportunity to generate hydropower, in terms of Article 14 (1a) of the Komati Treaty. Therefore the Swaziland Electricity Company took the opportunity to develop the Maguga Hydropower Station to enable the generation of hydro power.

    The Swaziland Electricity Company constructed a 19.5 Mega Watts hydropower station at the Dam. The power is generated mainly during peak hours (morning and early evening). The 20 megawatts produced at Maguga represents 30 per cent of the overall energy generated locally (Swaziland). A one (1) million m3 regulating weir was also built downstream of the dam to regulate water release of hydropower generation. KOBWA therefore, joins the Department of Water Affairs, partners and the rest of the world in celebrating the nexus between “Water and Energy” in socio-economic development.