Water Analysis

All water systems, including the Komati River are a perpetual state of change due to seasons, climate change and water use patterns.  KOBWA needs sufficient and up-to-date data and information about water quality and quantity and their spatial and temporal trends in order to operate and manage the system effectively and efficiently.  Therefore the monitoring and Technical Support Unit is responsible for collecting, analysing, storing and disseminating data and information about the behaviour of the different aspects of water resources in the Basin.  The information supports decision-making concerning systems operation (water supply and demand management), managing risk and uncertainty, dam safety, as well as environmental management.  The Monitoring and Technical Support Unit designs, sets-up, operates and maintains various types of state-of-the art hydro-meteorological and water quality and monitoring systems, both static and near real-time.  The Monitoring and Technical Support Unit keeps records of both the quality and quantity of water resources in the Basin.